Northern Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce


This first button won’t work. That is because I don’t have the hyperlink in the code. It will go to a 404 page. However this is exactly the code I need for the template page. I’ll add the proper hyperlink for each new page I create.

This button does work because I’ve put the proper code in for the hyperlink page.

The link below is for the ViewPhotoSlideshow button. I put the Slideshow plugin on the site.  I need to add the code below slideshow_deploy id=’PUT SLIDESHOW NAME HERE’  (brackets omitted on purpose) in with the View Photo Slideshow graphics code. I need to know where to put the code for the slideshow into the code for the slideshow button.

Above is the button. Here is the slideshow for this page.
[slideshow_deploy id=’1170’]